Best Flat Iron 2018 Natural Hair

Best Flat Irons For Natural Hair Comparison 2018

The Best Hair Straightener for Styling African American Hair. Not a lot of flat irons or hair straighteners live up to their name. Just as not a lot of them are best suited for styling natural African American hair. We

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Best hair protectant

All About Hair Protectants for Natural Hair

All About Hair Protectant for Natural Hair Most of us love expressing ourselves through our hair. Those of us lucky to be born with beautiful, natural hair can get very creative with styling.  We can relax and straighten it, or wear

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Natural Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

blog some tips here…..

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Our Natural Hair is our Crowning Glory

Your natural hair can be your most distinctive and gorgeous, confidence boosting feature, or your biggest headache.

Long considered a women's major asset, the phrase 'crowning glory' is usually interpeted as referring to long hair. But actually the original phrase whcih comes from the Bible, says "if her hair is abundant, it is a glory to her;"

Properly cared for, your Natural Hair will be abundant, and yes, it can be long too.

What we know is that using the right products and tools on our hair makes a world of difference and so this website was created to help share the learning so YOUR hair can be your Crowning Glory too.

Please join the conversations and share your advice or experience with the good and the bad.

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